ufo : enemy unknown was without a doubt the best game released on any format, and luckily the pc version was best. a long term game of stratergy and technology it was a sure fire hit with gamers and had a lasting appeal.

x-com : terror from the deep came as the much awaited sequel to ufo, and was praised and loved by the ufo fans - while it's appeal lasted. sadly this game lacked the long term fun of the original as it was, in essence only a re-hash of what had already been seen. CLICK HERE FOR XCOM TERROR FROM THE DEEP PAGE!

CLICK HERE FOR XCOM APOCALYPSE PAGE! xcom : apocalypse is viewed by most as the real sequel to ufo. with a completely re-vamped user interface and super vga graphics, it showed a change of pace, especially with the inclusion of real time. sadly, however, real time was awful and detracted from the actual concept of the original game. with more appeal than xcom : terror from the deep, but still not as good as the original.

    <TD WIDTH= uge - the universal game editor, needed for some of the "home grown" applications.

xcomutil - a command line ufo and xcom terror from the deep game modifier. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFICIAL XCOMUTIL HOMEPAGE!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFICIAL APOCUTIL HOMEPAGE! apocutil - a command line xcom apocalypse game modifier.

ufo and xcom ship map editor. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MAP EDITOR!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AT-SLOW! at-slow, the best slow down program available for the pc - slow down everything, including pentium machines.

If you liked these programs and this site, or have any questions or comments, please send some feedback to Please keep in mind that all "home grown" programs are the property of and cannot be linked to directly or redistributed. Feel free to make a link to this page, though, and if you think your X-Com page is good, email us the link and we'll check it out.

DISCLAIMER: is not responsible for any problems you may have with your game after using any of these programs. They've been tested with the game and scanned for viruses. If you have any problems please email Mythos Games

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