English Translation Patch

> INTRO    Kreed: Battle For Savitar is a fun first-person-shooter that was developed by Burut CT and published in Russia by Russobit-M in 2004. It's a prequel to Kreed, which came out the year before, though no knowledge of that game is required.

In my opinion, Battle For Savitar is much better than the original game, but unfortunately it never got an English language release. That's why I decided to make my own :)

This UNOFFICIAL, fan-made patch translates ALL in-game text including mission briefings, journal entries, menus and system messages.
There is also English speech throughout. It's not professionally recorded, or 100% faithful to the original, but I hope you'll like it.

> STORY    It's 2269, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. The Tiglaary, a war-crazed insectoid race have decimated most of our solar system. Only a few centers of resistance remain.

The story opens on Pluto. You are Lieutenant Paul Armstrong, part of a federal garrison assigned to protect a small research center. Supplies are low, communications are cut off and the Tiglaary are moving in...


1. First, you will need installed copies of Kreed: Battle For Savitar and WinRAR.

2. Then grab our English Translation Patch. When it's downloaded, double-click the file to open it in WinRAR.

3. Click on the 'Extract To' button at the top of the screen.

4. For the destination folder, browse to the location you installed Kreed: Battle For Savitar in. Then hit 'OK.'

5. When you're asked to confirm whether you want to overwrite any files, select 'Yes to all.'

6. That's it! Your game will now be in English. Hope you enjoy it! :)

NOTE: If you want to make backups of the Russian files before installation, then go to your Battle For Savitar folder and copy these somewhere safe: AREAS.PAK, SCRIPTS.PAK, UI.PAK

Also, a new WAVES folder will be created, containing English speech files. If you ever want the Russian speech back, simply delete the folder.

> DOWNLOAD    The patch is a 117 MB download.

>>  Download the English Translation Patch   <<

> FEEDBACK    Kreed: Battle For Savitar is a great game, but it's not exactly well known. So it would be nice to hear from anyone who downloads this patch and tries it out. Send your messages here.


Music, Sound & Re-Localization Patch for Operation Matriarchy:

English Translation Patch for The Stalin Subway: Red Veil:

DISCLAIMER: This is a totally UNOFFICIAL patch. We are not affiliated with Burut CT, Russobit-M or any other company
or person related to this game. This is a fan-made modification, that we are releasing for free, to localize a product
that we like a lot. It is not intended for profit, and should not be used as such. If anyone believes we have infringed
upon their copyright, please contact us and we will remove the patch at once.

The patch has been extensively tested, but we will not take responsibility for any damage that
may occur to your files, computer or anything else. If in doubt, back your files up first.