Unofficial Music, Sound & Re-Localization Patch

> INTRO    Operation Matriarchy (aka. Velian) is a fun first-person-shooter that was developed by MADia and published in several countries by BUKA Entertainment.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the game was rush-released in an unfinished state. Unbelievably, it had NO IN-GAME MUSIC (the only track being the catchy main menu theme). The in-game sounds were incomplete, used incorrectly and varied wildly in volume. Plus the English text was poorly translated and often made no sense at all.

Operation Matriarchy is really an interesting FPS, with a lot of variety, some crazy enemies, fun weapons and plenty of visual splendor. But it was almost unplayable in its initial state. That's why we decided to make this patch.


    * Complete in-game soundtrack - 22 new pieces of music!

    * Re-balanced and new sound FX - Volumes have been corrected and new sounds added, including weapons

    * Completely re-written in-game script and objective messages

    * Newly recorded voices - for cutscenes

    * Numerous tweaks/fixes - for various issues

> REQUIREMENTS    The patch has been tested and is fully compatible with the French and German retail releases, and the digital download available from Amazon.com.

PLEASE NOTE: For some reason, it does NOT work properly with the version sold by Direct2Drive.

ALSO NOTE: It appears that there is a problem with disappearing music if you use autosaves. So ignore the autosaves that the game creates and just save from the main menu or by pressing F5.

Thanks to AHO, Travis and M.C. for testing info. If anyone has info on other versions that do/do not work then please let me know.

When you install the patch, the following files will be over-written:
- The entire DATA\SOUNDS folder
- The entire DATA\SCRIPTS folder
- Two files (CREDITS0.TGA and CREDITS1.TGA) in the DATA\TEXTURES folder

No EXEs or other files are touched.


1. Download all seven RAR files from the links below.

2. Open the first file (op.m.part01.rar) using WinRAR.

3. Click on the 'Extract To' button at the top of the screen.

4. For the destination folder, select the location in which you installed Operation Matriarchy (e.g. C:\GAMES\OPERATION MATRIARCHY or C:\PROGRAM FILES\BUKA\OPERATION MATRIARCHY). Then hit 'OK.'

5. When you're asked whether you want to overwrite any files, select 'Yes to all.'

6. That's it! Now you can load up Operation Matriarchy and play! You will have a cool music score throughout the game, a better set of sound effects and a re-written story. Hope you like it! :)

> DOWNLOAD    The patch is a hefty 600MB, because pretty much every sound file has been replaced or edited. Also, the music takes up A LOT of space. We've divided it into 95MB chunks, so you don't have to grab it all at once.

     >>   Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7   <<

> FEEDBACK    Operation Matriarchy is a great game, but it's not exactly well known. So it would be nice to hear from anyone who downloads this patch and tries it out. Send your messages here.


English Translation Patch for Kreed: Battle For Savitar:

English Translation Patch for The Stalin Subway: Red Veil:

DISCLAIMER: We (the people who put this patch together) are not affiliated with MADia, BUKA or any other company
or person related to this game. This is a fan-made modification, which we are releasing for free, to enhance a product
that we like a lot. It is not intended for profit, and should not be used as such. If anyone believes we have infringed
upon their copyright, please contact us and we will remove the patch at once.

The patch has been extensively tested, but we will not take responsibility for any damage that
may occur to your files, computer or anything else. If in doubt, back your files up first.